What is The Caregiver Exchange?

Please note: due to these uncertain times, the Caregiver Exchange has been put on hold until further notice.

In line with the Life Participation Approach To Aphasia (LPAA), there is also a need to recognize the stress of caregiving and ensure the wellbeing of these individuals. Caregivers of individuals with aphasia face unique challenges. On top of taking on new responsibilities, they are also unable to communicate effortlessly with their loved one.

The Caregiver Exchange is both a support and education program aimed to address these new challenges by offering weekly group-based meetings for family members and caregivers of persons living with aphasia. The meetings will cover topics such as the nature and challenges of aphasia and stroke, conversational tips to improve communication, and strategies to manage the challenges associated with caregiving.

How can we help?

Our main objective is to unite caregivers and offer support to family members affected by aphasia in the community. We hope to instil hope, provide a safe environment to share personal stories and challenges, and teach strategies that will lead to more fruitful conversation with their loved ones.